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Throwing Shade at Summer Heat

Janet Costa   |     Aug 02, 2018

So you survived the summer heat wave of 2018—barely. No doubt you were grateful for electr...

Meet the Artists Who Put the White Mountains on the Map

Janet Costa   |     Jul 12, 2018

If you live in Northern New Hampshire, you already know that the White Mountains’ beauty i...

A Look at Littleton, New Hampshire

Janet Costa   |     May 29, 2018

There’s no end of things to see and do in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, especially...

Welcome to Bethlehem!

Janet Costa   |     Mar 06, 2018

Located in the majestic White Mountains of New Hampshire, the village of Bethlehem claims ...

Find a Ton of Fun in White River Junction!

Janet Costa   |     Oct 12, 2017

It wasn’t so long ago that merchants in White River Junction (WRJ) jokingly came up with a...

Got Community? Find it at These Four Community Centers!

Janet Costa   |     Oct 05, 2017

When you live in a rural area like the Upper Valley, it’s easy to feel removed from the co...

10 Hot Spots for Cool Ice Skating in the Upper Valley

Janet Costa   |     Oct 03, 2017

When it comes to ice skating in the Upper Valley, people tend to fall into one of two grou...

Five Nonprofit Groups Making a Difference in the Upper Valley

Janet Costa   |     Sep 26, 2017

Just what is the Upper Valley? Even people who have lived along the Connecticut River Vall...

Proven Perennials for the Sunny Side of the Yard

Janet Costa   |     Jun 22, 2017

You might imagine having beautiful flower gardens at your house, but the sheer number and ...

Spring Maintenance for Inside the Home

Janet Costa   |     May 30, 2017

It’s warm again in the northeast—finally. Now you can enjoy being outside without the hind...

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