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On the Waterfront

Access to water is one of the great calling cards of the Upper Valley. Rivers, brooks, lakes, and ponds are woven into the landscape. And many of these offer very pleasant spots for waterfront living!


Posted by Jim Giller on Aug 28, 2018
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Check out these Cultural Events around Lake Sunapee!

If you ever travel along the section of Interstate 89 that connects Concord, New Hampshire, to Enfield, New Hampshire, it’s easy to look at all the mountains and lakes, forests and rivers that pass by and feel like you could spend a lifetime exploring everything the natural world has to offer.

Posted by Jim Giller on Mar 22, 2018
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Exploring Mount Kearsarge

All across New Hampshire, small communities flourish in the shadows of majestic mountains. For people who live in the small towns along the corridor of Interstate 89, south of Lebanon, New Hampshire and north of Concord, the summit that dominates their landscape is Mount Kearsarge.

Posted by Jim Giller on Mar 13, 2018
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Basements: Turning Them into Living Space

Building a home in the northeast nearly always means the construction of a full basement as the home’s foundation. You need only recall what frost heaves do to country roads to imagine the sorry state of affairs that might be a New England house constructed on a slab foundation!

Posted by Jim Giller on Jul 11, 2017
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Water vs. Your Foundation

The foundation of your new home is a mighty thing. It has to carry an average load of 50 tons and disperse that weight into the ground surrounding the basement. But where foundations are concerned, there’s another, equally powerful element at play: water.

Posted by Jim Giller on Jul 6, 2017
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Buying a House? Here’s What to Look For

When daffodils and “For Sale” signs appear in front yards in equal numbers, it’s officially house-buying season in the northeast. It’s an exciting time!

Posted by Jim Giller on May 18, 2017
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Building a House? Understand Your Septic System

One of the joys of building a home in New Hampshire or Vermont is appreciating amazing scenery every day of the year. With those great views, however, comes a decidedly un-scenic responsibility: managing your own sewage.

Posted by Jim Giller on Apr 6, 2017
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Your House Plan: What Does it Include?

If you’re building a house, you have to have a plan—a set of scaled drawings and written specifications that will guide virtually every aspect of construction.

Posted by Jim Giller on Feb 28, 2017
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Construction Contract Default Provision: Why You Need One

No one who is building a house or doing home renovations wants to think about what will happen if the contractor fails to uphold their end of the bargain. And, in fact, it’s not worth worrying about too much—so long as your construction contract includes a contractor default provision.

Posted by Jim Giller on Feb 21, 2017
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16 Home Construction Terms You Need to Know

Building a house is a complex process! You might be new to a lot of the terminology used by contractors and subcontractors.

Posted by Jim Giller on Feb 16, 2017
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