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Trading Places

Norm Frates   |     Jan 08, 2019

So the snow came early this year, and it just keeps coming. No doubt a fair number of you ...

Tips for Owning a Second Home in the Upper Valley

Norm Frates   |     Sep 25, 2018

There’s no time of year that visitors to the Upper Valley don’t fall in love with the area...

Dreaming About Your Place in the Sun?

Norm Frates   |     Aug 30, 2018

It’s coming. As sure as the sun rises in the east, Old Man Winter is going to rear his hoa...

Find Your Festival in Quechee and Woodstock

Norm Frates   |     May 15, 2018

Summer in the Upper Valley brings myriad opportunities for outdoor entertainment. Farmers ...

Chickens in the Backyard

Norm Frates   |     Jun 01, 2017

Ever look out at your backyard and think it would feel more complete with a few chickens? ...

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