Nine Upper Valley Nonprofits Offer a Little Help From Your Friends

Blog Author - Ryan Tremblay
Ryan Tremblay

In the event of a medical emergency or a fire, everyone knows who to call. Punch 9-1-1 into your phone, and you know help will be on the way soon. But what if the help you need isn’t the result of a medical issue or a house fire?

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You’ve run out of heating fuel. You’ve been evicted from your home. Your depression has deepened. Your addiction has spiraled out of control. An abusive spouse is threatening your safety.

Who do you call then?

The good news is you are not alone. Numerous nonprofit organizations throughout the Upper Valley can help. Feel free to give them a call. 

Social Services

  • Granite United Way promotes the “common good” by assisting low-income wage earners in New Hampshire and Windsor County in Vermont with everything from child care to home repairs. To provide help, they tap into a wide ranging network of local and regional agencies. 603-224-2596
  • LISTEN Community Services has been helping residents of the Upper Valley meet critical needs since 1972. They operate food banks, community dinners, a youth center, and numerous thrift stores. In addition, they lend assistance for housing and heating costs. 603-448-4553
  • SEVCA (Southeastern Vermont Community Action) focuses on helping low-wage earners on the Vermont side of the Upper Valley. They help with emergency home repairs, heating and housing needs, child care, and food stamps. They also promote economic development through micro business assistance and will even help file your tax returns. 802-722-4575


  • The Upper Valley Haven provides emergency shelter for eight families and 20 adults in a state-of-the-art facility located in Hartford, Vermont. They also run a community food pantry and offer a full range of support services that lead to 80 percent of their guests being able to live independently once they leave the Haven. 802-295-6500

Domestic Violence

  • WISE helps women struggling with domestic or sexual violence on both sides of the Connecticut River, covering 1,200 square miles of the Upper Valley. Their offices are located at 38 Bank Street, Lebanon, New Hampshire. Their hotline is available 24/7, and they can provide a safe home for those who need it. 866-348-WISE
  • Turning Points Network is based in Claremont, New Hampshire. Like WISE, this nonprofit operates a 24-hour hotline and a safe home network. They also provide a range of counseling services and support groups, as well as serving as an education resource for the area. 800-639-3130

Suicide Prevention & Substance Use Disorders

  • Headrest provides a lifeline for those in crisis, whether the problem is related to mental health issues or substance use. From their facility on Church Street in downtown Lebanon, New Hampshire, they provide 10 beds for people who have completed a substance-use program and need a safe, substance-free environment to continue their recovery. They also offer out-patient counseling and work in conjunction with the Grafton County Drug Court. 603-448-4400

Addiction Recovery

  • The Second Wind Foundation started as an Alcoholics Anonymous group in 1992 but now offers support for people recovering from addiction in general. The nonprofit’s scope has grown to include a transitional residence for women in recovery, with plans to open a similar site for men. 802-295-5206

Home Repairs

  • Cover Home Repair builds community and fosters hope by providing emergency home repairs to low-income residents within a 45-minute drive from their base in downtown White River Junction, Vermont. Income guidelines apply, and applicants must be willing to assist with the work, whether by providing lunch or wielding a hammer. 802-359-5900