14 Upper Valley Print Publications You Won’t Want to Miss!

Posted by Sherry Noyes on Jan 18, 2018 Sherry Noyes

It’s no secret that print publications are struggling to survive in our digital age. That’s as true in the Upper Valley as it is anywhere else. During the last five years, the area has seen the demise of several print publications, including newspapers and magazines.

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Yet the demand for print remains strong in the Upper Valley. Readers support two daily newspapers, two weekly newspapers, and a variety of lifestyle magazines.

Whatever the future holds for print overall, it’s very much alive and kicking in the Upper Valley today.

Daily Newspapers

  • Valley News. In business for more than 60 years, the Valley News continues to cover national and local stories in print while it ramps up its news presence online. In addition to its daily paper, the Valley News also puts out several supplemental publications, such as the business periodical Enterprise, and the quarterly parenting magazine Valley Parents.
  • Eagle Times. Based out of Claremont, New Hampshire, the Eagle Times hit newsstands in the 1970s before it suffered a brief shut-down in 2009. It resumed operations under new ownership and continues to provide local, regional, and national news both in print and online.

Weekly Newspapers

  • Vermont Standard. With 12,000 readers, Vermont Standard is the largest—and oldest—weekly newspaper in Vermont. Serving the people of Windsor County, it was voted the top small weekly newspaper three times in a row (2013-2016) by the New England Newspaper and Press Association. Though the newspaper comes out in print once a week, the community calendar on the website provides a full month of local event listings.
  • Journal Opinion. Print lovers on the northern boundary of the Connecticut River in Vermont and New Hampshire get their news each week from this paper based in Bradford, Vermont. The paper’s tag line is “Good Local News.” Mailed print subscriptions start at $28 for residents of Vermont and New Hampshire. E-edition subscriptions are $25.
  • The Kearsarge Shopper. For anyone looking to sell, buy, or rent a plethora of different products, including real estate, pets, vehicles, and farm equipment, you can’t beat the Kearsarge Shopper, which is direct mailed to every postal address in 18 communities within the Lake Sunapee region. Published every week, besides the one between Christmas and New Year’s Day, this paper began in 1971 and is still going strong in a world turned mostly digital—that’s saying a lot!

Lifestyle Magazines

  • Here in Hanover. Free copies are mailed to 5,500 homes in Hanover, Etna, Lyme, Lyme Center, Orford, and Norwich. A quarterly publication featuring full-color photographs, Here in Hanover comes out in March, June, September, and December.
  • Image. Local people, local events, and local businesses take center stage in this lavishly photographed quarterly publication. It’s mailed free to 10,000 households in the Upper Valley, and can also be picked up at the local food co-ops, Dartmouth Bookstore, and Dan & Whit’s General Store.
  • Trend Watch. A special edition to Image, this annual publication examines the local home industry trades. A great homegrown resource for anyone building, renovating, landscaping, or upgrading their home.
  • Kearsarge Magazine. Beautiful photography and engaging stories highlight the people who live within sight of Kearsarge Mountain along the I-89 corridor in New Hampshire. For 10 years, this quarterly publication has proved that there’s always something new to learn about the Upper Valley.
  • Kid Stuff. This free quarterly publication is written and photographed by—and for—families in the Upper Valley.
  • Art & Gallery Guide. An annual directory of art openings, fairs, and galleries, this handy publication also includes articles about individual artists and events.
  • Woodstock Magazine. A sister publication to Here in Hanover, this is a quarterly periodical with a community-friendly online presence. Local businesses can add their names to the website’s business directory, and local events can be posted free of charge to the online calendar.
  • Vermont Sports. A free publication that comes out nine times a year, Vermont Sports is the largest outdoor magazine in the Northeast. It covers everything—biking, camping, hiking, fishing, ice skating, skiing, rock and ice climbing. You can pick it up free at 475 locations around Vermont or have it mailed to your home for $25 a year.
  • SooNipi Magazine. The title is a play on the word Sunapee, which denotes the general area of southern New Hampshire where this free quarterly periodical is distributed.



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