Get Your Woof On and Celebrate Shelter Dogs

October is National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month! At Mascoma Bank, we are firm believers in giving back to the communities in which we serve, and that means ALL members of the community—including those with fur, feathers, and scales.

Posted by Mariah Davis on Oct 23, 2019
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Music Education for Everyone

Music is a collaborative art. People who play music together learn to work together and form the connections that result in strong communities. At Mascoma Bank, working to promote strong communities is an important part of who we are. That means, supporting organizations like the Upper Valley Music Center aligns perfectly with our philosophy.

Posted by Mariah Davis on Sep 18, 2019
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Rediscovering Independent Bookstores in the Upper Valley

Where can you go to find quite a lot of humanity’s collective wisdom, plus a whole lot of wonderful entertainment, at your fingertips for a very reasonable price? And where there are friendly, knowledgeable people eager to help you find what you’re looking for?

Posted by Sherry Noyes on Jun 18, 2019
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Defeating the Invaders—What to do with Invasive Species

The aliens are coming, if they are not already here. And we don’t mean little green men from Mars. We mean plants—invasive plants, to be precise.

Posted by Flossy Courtemanche on Jun 11, 2019
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Surviving Spring: Black Flies

“They’re baaaack!” By which we don’t mean supernatural evil spirits come to terrorize you in your home. We mean something even worse, and very much of this world—black flies.

Posted by Janet Costa on Jun 4, 2019
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Time to Think about Joining a CSA

As we begin to emerge from our winter hideaways and notice the green that's starting to pop all around, consider that it’s the perfect time to consider joining a CSA!

Posted by Sarah Powell on May 1, 2019
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Upper Valley Farm Shares

If there are such things as “food deserts,” what we have during the summer in the Upper Valley is a “food rain forest.”

Posted by Flossy Courtemanche on Apr 24, 2019
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Tech Support in the Upper Valley—Who You Gonna Call?

How much do you depend on your smartphone, iPad, laptop, or tablet? If any one of those devices stopped working right now, just how far up a creek without a paddle would you be? Does the thought alone make you break out in a cold sweat?

Posted by Janet Costa on Apr 17, 2019
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Environmental Volunteering in the Upper Valley

There’s always that point in an Upper Valley winter when you are gripped with a dreadful possibility—spring will never come! There’s just too much snow, too much cold, too much ice, for spring to ever find its way home. The crocuses and daffodils don’t stand a chance.

Posted by Flossy Courtemanche on Apr 10, 2019
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Things to Do This Spring & Summer

Emerging from a long winter hibernation can be disorienting. You hole up so long inside the house you nearly forget what the rest of the world beyond your doorstep has to offer. What are these things called sunshine and warmth? Where should I go? What should I do?


Posted by Sarah Powell on Apr 3, 2019
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