Tips for Owning a Second Home in the Upper Valley

There’s no time of year that visitors to the Upper Valley don’t fall in love with the area and consider the possibility of owning a second home here.

Posted by Norm Frates on Sep 25, 2018
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Dreaming About Your Place in the Sun?

It’s coming. As sure as the sun rises in the east, Old Man Winter is going to rear his hoary head.

Posted by Norm Frates on Aug 30, 2018
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Put Your Home to Work!

Do you have high-interest credit cards you’d like to pay off? Or maybe you’re thinking of a series of home renovations? A home equity line of credit might be the perfect solution.

Posted by Mascoma Bank on Jun 26, 2018
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Reverse Mortgages: What Are They and What Can They Do For You?

 A home is usually the most expensive purchase that the average American consumer makes. The hope, generally, is that the upfront cost of the house will create dividends in terms of equity as the value of the home increases over the years. And if you stay in a home for decades, making regular monthly mortgage payments, it’s an investment that probably pays off.

Posted by Ken Wells on Sep 12, 2017
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Why Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney When Buying or Selling a House?

Buying or selling a home is an exciting time. But whatever you’re feeling—enthusiasm, relief, elation—there also needs to be an element of caution. If you’re involved in a property transaction, you need the guiding hand of a real estate attorney.

Posted by Sarah Powell on Jan 17, 2017
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The Secret to Finding a Builder You Can Trust

When you build a new house or undertake a major home renovation, you spend a lot of time with builders and contractors. How can you be sure you’re getting the best person for the job?


Posted by Sarah Powell on Jan 5, 2017
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How Preapproval Can Set You Up for Success

You might think the first step to buying a house is perusing the real estate ads in your local paper or browsing online listings, but you might be more successful in your house hunting if you first apply for preapproval.

Posted by Sarah Powell on Oct 11, 2016
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Buying to Rent: 5 Things To Consider About Becoming a Landlord

For some people, being a landlord is a way to earn extra money. For others, it’s a last resort when they have trouble selling a house. Either way, there are things you should know.

Posted by Jim Giller on Oct 6, 2016
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Why You Need a Home Inspection

Home inspections are a critical part of the buying process. It's the home inspector who'd going to be the one to find any major issues that you need to be aware of.

Posted by Jim Giller on Sep 29, 2016
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How Much Should You Spend on a House?

You’ve decided that you’re ready to buy a house. Congratulations! Deciding to embark on the search for the right house at the right price is an accomplishment in itself. Part of that search is figuring out your price range.

Posted by Sarah Powell on Sep 27, 2016
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